Health Benefits

Warning: Never ingest the snake plant. Its health benefits come solely from air purification.

Case Study: Paharpur Business Center

The Paharpur Business Center is an office building containing over 1200 plants for its 300 occupants, which the Indian government declared “healthiest building in New Delhi”. The plants consist of the snake plant, the areca palm, and the money plant. A study found that in comparison with typical office environments, its occupants experienced:

  • 52% less eye irritation
  • 34% fewer respiratory symptoms
  • 24% fewer headaches
  • 12% less lung impairment
  • 20% greater productivity

Paharpur Business Center: How to Grow Your Own Fresh Air

NASA Study

NASA conducted a two year study to see whether some common indoor plants could combat the symptoms of Sick Building Syndrome — an umbrella term for the deleterious effects from microbials, molds, ventilation issues, and various indoor chemicals. The World Health Organization estimated that 30 percent of all buildings cause symptoms of Sick Building Syndrome. They sealed a snake plant in a chamber with different noxious gases for 24 hours and found the following benefits:

53% Reduction in Benzene. Benzene is a solvent that is used to make polymers and plastics, and is most often inhaled as a component of tobacco smoke or vehicle exhaust. However, workers in benzene-using industries are at an especially high risk of benzene toxicity. Chronic exposure causes anemia, weakened immune system, and cancers of the blood.

13.4% Reduction in Trichloroethylene.

Trichloroethylene, or TCE, is a contaminant commonly in drinking water. Human exposure mostly occurs through steam, as is caused by long, hot showers. Occupational exposure to the chemical has shown toxic effects on the liver and kidnies. Studies have shown it causing cancer in the liver and kidney of animals.


EPA: Sick Building Syndrome

How to Grow Your Own Fresh Air

NASA Study

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